Many people think that you don't need a Buyer's Agent to buy real estate. Some think they can get a better deal on their own and they know all there is to know about how to navigate a real estate transaction. In fact, nearly all the time, the opposite is true.

Let's say that you find a property that you are interested in buying. You contact the listing agent because you think that they will cut you the best deal since they are the listing agent. What you don't know is that when you deal with a listing agent, you are likely entering into a dual agency with the listing agent. The listing agent is firstly representing the seller but somehow has to represent you at the same time. The listing agent is always obligated to get the best deal for the seller. Will your information be kept confidential to the seller? You may think you are the best negotiator in the world (and maybe you are) but that might not work so well in this case. Just think about this: if you are getting a divorce and your spouse hires a lawyer, do you think you will get the best outcome if you use their lawyer to represent you both? No!

Does hiring a Buyer's Agent/Broker cost you any money? No! All money comes from the seller. This is all predetermined according to the listing contract. Wny wouldn't you use a Buyer's Agent like Today's Home to represent you? It is FREE. Today's Home has education, knowledge and experience in negotiating real estate deals and can guide you every step of the way so you don't make costly mistakes.

If you hire Victoria, she is also a real estate investor. She knows the area, she knows what to look for in a house, she knows all the right people to get your inspections. repairs and closings done properly, smoothly, cheaply and on-time. She will be there for you for any questions after the sale. Relations are important in this business and Victoria knows it.

If you would like to hire Victoria as your Buyer's Agent, please contact her. You can look for a home you would like to see on this website, fill out a contact form here or tell her what you are looking for (use the BUYERS LIST link).

Please note, before looking for a home, it is best that you are prepared to buy. As in any hot market, houses can go fast. Please have money available and contact a bank (or preferably a mortgage company) to get prequalified. Too many times, a client loses a house they fall in love with because they can't prove to the seller that they can buy the house. Nobody likes that. In fact, most listing agents will advise the seller not to consider the offer until proof of funds is provided.