How can you offer Listing Services so cheaply?
Today's Home LLC is an independent Real Estate Brokerage Firm. We do not need to pay high commissions to a national or large regional brand. It also gives us flexibility to set our own pricing. Since our overhead is lower and we can be more flexible, we pass the saving on to you.

Are there any hidden fees?
No. All fees are detailed on our website. While some companies will charge you extra fees at closing, we do not. If you chose the FSBO Flat-Rate MLS Listing Service, you only pay that fee.

Why is listing on the MLS important?
The MLS exposes your property to at least 20 times the amount of buyers. It also gives you the ability for thousands of Real Estate Agents and Brokers to help you sell your property. If you aren't listed on the MLS, most Realtors and Brokers will not show their clients your home nor will search to find your property listed elsewhere.

How long until my listing appears on the MLS?
Usually if we have all the information to post on the MLS, it can be done that same day or by the next day.

How long will my listing appear on the MLS?
If you choose the FSBO Flat Fee MLS Listing Service, your listing will appear on the MLS for 6 months unless it is sold first. You have an option to renew for additional 6 month increments for an additional $200. If you have chosen the Full-Service option, you will be listed here for 6 months but can renew for FREE for however long you wish.

Will Real Estate Agents and Brokers show my house if I use the FBSO Flat Rate MLS Listing Service?
Yes! Since you will be offering a Buyer's commission, they have all the incentive they need to show your home to their clients. If your price is too high for your property, however, it is less likely they will take their time to show a house that is hard to sell.

What commission should I offer to the Buyer's Agent to sell my home if I am doing FSBO for Full-Service?
You choose what you want to offer. It is the policy of Today's Home LLC to not list your property unless you offer at least 2%, however. We recommend at least 2.4% but 3% is common since most Listing Agents charge 6% or more and split their commissions.

Do I have to pay a Buyer's Agent Fee if I sell the home myself?

Whose phone number will show up with my listings at Realtor.com, Zillow and some other websites?
Many external websites that we publish to, require the Broker to be listed as the point of contact on any MLS listed properties. If you chose the FSBO Flat Fee MLS Listing option, those inquiries will be forwarded to you. You will, however, have your contact information listed on the Agent's Notes section of the main MLS so that Buyer's Agents will be able to contact you directly.

What if I decided that the FBSO Option is not for me and want to switch to Full-Service?
You can switch to full-service at any time. We understand that most clients will decide to switch to Full-Service. To make this easy and risk free for you, we will credit you the price you paid for the FSBO MLS Listing Service towards the full-service fee.

How many photos can I add to my listing?
The more pictures the better. Some websites we publish to will limit the number of pictures. We recommend up to 25 pictures but more can be included if needed.

How much can I save using Today's Home for listing my home?
You can save a lot! Typically selling your home with any other Realtor will cost you 6%. That is $18,000 on a $300,000 home. If you list FSBO Flat Rate MLS service, you only pay for your $425 listing fee and a Buyer's Agent fee (unless you sold yourself). This savings on the above example will save you from $8,575 - $17,575. If you choose Full-Service, your savings would be from $9,000 - $12,000. These savings vary depending on how much you offer as a Buyer's Agent commission. You may also save more in other ways with the Full-Service Listing Service such as better negotiations, not making costly contract mistakes and using our recommended organizations for inspections, repairs and closing.

Who shows my home to interested buyers?
You will be responsible for the logistics in showing your home if you chose the FSBO option. We will offer you access to a scheduling system that most licensed brokers and agents use to help. If you choose the Full-Service option, we will also use the scheduling system and help you coordinate showings by the agents and brokers. If you have any specific requirements or requests, we will work with you to accommodate them.

Why do some houses not sell even though listed on the MLS?
Although this doesn't happen too often, there are certain reasons it might not happen. The most common are that you priced your house to high, there are unaddressed issues with the home, it doesn't show well, the location isn't desirable for many buyers or you are just not responsive to show the house or answer inquiries. Higher priced houses tend to take longer to sell due to less people being able to qualify to buy them. We recommend pricing your house to sell and making sure that everything is in good working order. Banks tend to not give loans when they see issues. Insurance companies won't insure if there are issues also.

What if I want to take my home off the market?
If you are listing with the FSBO Flat-Rate MLS Listing Service, you can cancel anytime. If you are using the Full-Service, typically you are bound by the contract for the term. But that depends. Certainly if you decide you don't want to sell, we understand. We like to think we are reasonable so discuss your situation with us. To cancel the service with us, we require this done in writing.

Can I use my own Yard Signs?
No. You will need to take down anything that says For Sale by Owner. Since you will be using us for your listing service, we are required by law to make sure that all marketing contains our company name, especially in case there are issues with a transaction. We will provide you with a sign at no charge that can be placed in your yard (if permitted). If you are using the FSBO Flat-Rate Service, you can put your own number on there.

What happens to my Zillow account if I list with you?
Typically, whatever you may have posted on Zillow before may be overridden by listing on the MLS. You have an advantage, however, as more qualified buyers search agent-listed homes.

How do I get started?
If you choose our FSBO Flat-Rate MLS Listing Service, you can start by setting up your account and entering all your information online. You can also upload all your pictures here also. If you choose Full-Service, you can also do the same or contact us and we can meet to help gather all the information needed and take pictures.

What do you need from me once we get an offer and/or close?
By law, we are required to keep copies of any offers and closing statements. We will need this information in order to update your listing on the MLS also. Please forward this information to us as soon as you get it so we can be compliant.

If you have any other questions, please contact us!