Houses have gotten a lot more expensive lately. When you go to sell your home, your biggest expense could be the sales commission. We understand this. That is why a lot of people are considering For Sale by Owner (FSBO) and trying to sell their home themselves.

If you are one of those that have the time and understand the complexity and laws regarding selling your own home, you can do it yourself. The trick is to have it listed on the Multiple Listing Service that all Real Estate Brokers and Agents use. To reach over 20 times the potential qualified buyers that the MLS offers, we will list your property on the MLS for only a FLAT RATE FEE OF $425.

You will need to still need, however, to offer the buyer's agent a commission in order to get the thousands of Real Estate agents in the area working for you to help you sell your property. This usually ranges between 2% and 3% of the selling price. Our policy is that we will not list your property unless you offer at least 2%. It will motivate the other agents to show your property to their clients. If, however, you sell the property yourself without a buyer's agent involved, you pay no buyer's commission.

Your listing in the MLS will have your contact information in there in the brokers notes so that buyer's agents will be contacting you directly. We will provide you access to a scheduling service so that you can coordinate your showings with the Buyer's agent. You will have to negotiate and review allcontracts. We will provide blank forms for you to use if needed. You must handle any inspection, repairs and closings yourself. Since our name will be on this Listing to be able to list it, law requires you do not use any For Sale by Owner signs. We will provide you a sign with our name on it and your number. We will also need to get copies of any contracts and closing statements to keep on file to keep us compliant and to update the "Pending Contract" and "Closed" information in the MLS.

Below you will find a list of what is included in the FSBO FLAT FEE MLS LISTING SERVICE and our terms. You will then need to fill out all the information we need online and upload your pictures to us so that we can post to the MLS and thousands of other websites (including our website, Realtor.com, Zillow, Trillia, etc.). For your information, many of these other sites will not allow the owner's information on it if listed in the MLS. We will have to put our information there and forward the leads to you.

If you want to try the FSBO FLAT FEE MLS LISTING SERVICE to sell by yourself and later decide that it isn't worth the hassle and/or need professional help, we will credit what you paid for the listing service towards the FULL-SERVICE fee. It doesn't get any better than that!


Full-service doesn't mean it has to be expensive. We believe that everyone else charges way too much. If you are not experienced enough or don't want to deal with the hassle of selling your property yourself, we offer a very economical full-service solution that can save you thousands of dollars. Victoria will be your Listing Agent and she will help you sell, market, negotiate contracts and handle everything along the way. You will benefit from her advice and expertise and it will be well worth the investment. The charge for the full-service listing service will be 1% of the selling price of the property (flat $3,000 for any property under $300,000). To get this rate, $425 of that will be charged up-front as non-refundable fee for time and expenses for marketing your property). The rest will be paid out at closing from your proceeds when you home sells.

You may fill out your information about your property online here or Victoria will meet with you to handle all of the paperwork in person. She will meet with you to take a look at your property and advice you on what needs to be done to get the home ready to sell. If things should be fixed or upgraded, she will make her recommendations. She will have pictures taken of your property and edit them for the best display online. Victoria will put up a professional sign in your yard (if permitted) and print brochures about your property. She will list your property on the MLS and thousands of websites. She will also do social media marketing and advertise it to international clients and cash buyers. She will coordinate any showings, handle contract negotiations, coordinate inspections, appraisals and coordinate closings and be there for you with any questions along the way.

That is right! You can essentially get all of the above for FREE if you list with Today's home and Victoria sells your property. Victoria is not only going to list your property, she will agressively work to sell it for you. If she finds your buyer and it closes, she will rebate you up to 1% of the selling price! You can't beat that deal!

There is no obligation from us to get a FREE Market Analysis. We will take your information and analysis your property to give you our opinion on what we think it should sell for if fully listed with a Real Estate broker. Click [HERE] and fill out the form to get your CMA.

We also purchase real estate and in just about any condition. If you would rather not deal with the hassles of showing your property to others and having to deal with inspections, repairs and waiting to close, let us give you an offer on your property. Click [HERE] and fill out the form to get your quote.

Flat Fee Full Service
Cost $425 1%, $3,000 min
Term 6 months until sold
Listing on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) x x
Listing on popular sites like Realtor.com, Zillow, Trillia, etc. x x
Listing on thousands of other sites x x
Up to 25 pictures of your property listed on most sites x x
Lock Box Use x x
Centralized Showings Service (CSS) for scheduling showings x x
Get Agent Feedback on Showings x x
CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) on your home x x
Assist in Pre-Qualification of Unrepresented Buyers x x
Access to forms and desclosures need to sell your home x x
Guarantee that if we don't sell your house, we will buy it x x
Basic Yard Sign x  
Professional Brokerage Yard Sign   x
Internet and Social Media Marketing $200 extra x
Screen out annoying salespeople and unqualified buyers   x
Greater exposure to International Buyers & Investors   x
Meet with you for advise on getting home ready to sell $200 extra x
Professional Quality Pictures Taken of your Home $200 extra x
Video Walk Through prepared for your home $200 extra x
Flyer Box   x
Color Flyers   x
Carefully review and discuss any offers with you   x
Negotiate offer for best price and terms for you   x
Coordinate inspections and appraisals   x
Coordinate closings and access to recommened attorneys or closing agents   x
Help faciliate repair request negotiations   x
Coordinate with buyer or buyer's agent for on-time closing   x
Review Settlement Statement prior to closing for mistakes   x
Attend closing when needed to make sure transaction is done correctly   x
Handle all aspect of the real estate transaction according to real estate law   x
Price changes, edits (each) $20 included
Open House Announcement in MLS $20 included
Additional 6 months of MLS Listing $200 included

In making your decision to put your property on the MLS, please understand the following facts:
  • Houses on average sell 13-19%% lower than if listed with a Broker/Agent (MLS listing is well worth it)
  • Houses on average take a lot longer to sell than with an Broker/Agent (Time is money)
  • Only about 7-8% of houses sell without a Broker/Agent but half of those are related party transactions (friends, family and divorce settlements are many of these)
  • Most For Sale by Owner (FSBO) listings eventually hire a Broker/Agent to sell their home (Waste of time)
  • You are likely to make costly mistakes when you close without a Broker/Agent guiding you (Added cost of selling, Learning experience)
  • If you try to sell your house to an unqualified buyer, you may incur unnecessary legal fees, repair costs and holding costs you were not expecting (Less money for you)
  • Most people buy with a Broker/Agent so not having your home listed in the MLS almost guarantees that you will not get market price (More people working for you gives better results)
  • Most of your leads and people wanting to see your house will be a complete waste of your time and likely cause you a lot of stress (Time is money, Stress can kill)
  • Many people that list properties themselves for some reason are hard to reach and lack follow up on their leads (Do you really want to sell your property?)
  • Showing your house yourself is difficult if you have a full-time job (Making money is a better use of your time)
  • If you are selling yourself, you should offer a buyer's agent commission between 2% & 3% or Agents will not be interested in showing your home (You are going to pay this in one form or another)
  • You will have to handle and navigate home inspections, negotiations and closing on your own if selling yourself (Do you really know who is honest and how to do this?)

  • Today's Home is a full-service real estate brokerage firm established in 2016. Victoria Wang worked for another firm previous but was unable to be flexible in offering her clients the best value for her services. Victoria is an expert in the Triangle Area and is a Real Estate investor herself. She understands many aspects of the Real Estate business that most Real Estate Brokers and Agents do not. Victoria is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese.

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